Fitting Instructions

Fitting your TAKLA Load liner

TAKLA Load liner

Fitting your TAKLA Load liner

Fitting your TAKLA Load liner

Note: Fit the liner at least 24 hours before its first use
  • Open the loadliner out on the floor. There will be a separate cover for the tailgate.
  • Establish front and back of the liner:
    The front has two rows of straps with speed buckles stitched on. The back has a short “loadflap” & sides of the liner are attached to this end.
  • Establish top and bottom of the liner:
    Velcro pieces will be stitched on the edges of the bottom of the liner and straps with speed buckles on the top.
  • Take out all the headrests and fold the back seats of the vehicle down.
  • Place the liner in the vehicle
  • Prepare the vehicle side panels and tailgate by wiping the areas where the Velcro pieces will be attached with a clean cloth and thinners.
  • Establish the position of Velcro pieces; remove the paper backing from the adhesive Velcro and stick down onto the vehicle’s side panels.
  • Do not attach sides immediately as the Velcro needs at least 24 hours to cure before a working load is applied.
  • When fitting the sides, insert the attached clips into the window-ledge.
  • Unclip the end of the speed buckle with a brass ring attached to it. Fit these rings through the headrest pins.
  • Fold the front piece of the liner in and back onto the floor and place the back seats in the upright position. Attach the second row of clips onto the back seat headrests.
  • Follow the same procedure for the tailgate. In some cases the door handle must be unscrewed and fitted through the liner.
Fitting your TAKLA Seat Covers

TAKLA Seat Covers

Fitting your TAKLA Seat Covers

Fitting your TAKLA Seat Covers

  • Open the covers out on the floor.
  • Identify front and back seat covers
  • Identify backrest and seat (bum) covers:
    Backrests have either rings or square holes at the top and zips at the back and bum pieces will be elasticized around the edges.
  • Take out all the headrests.
    a) In case of seat side airbags, identfy the front seat backrests.
    b) Identify the seam with the GREY SRS AIRBAG label.
    c) Make sure to place the airbag seam of the cover on the airbag seam of the seat. The outer sides of the front backrests).
  • Fit backrest covers over the top of the seats, ensuring that any extra holes on the sides are in the correct position. Close the zip at the back of the seat. Push the bottom of the cover through the opening between the backrest and bum. Attach elastic and press studs or Velcro to the back panel.
    If there is no opening between the backrest and bum, push the fabric roll into this gap.
  • In the case of an armrest on the back seat, fit the backrest cover and then the armrest cover. Push loose flaps through the opening behind the armrest and close using pre-stitched Velcro
  • Fit bum pieces over the seat section with long elastic pieces at the back. Push the elastic through the opening between bum and backrest and clip press studs onto the front elasticized section. Elastics on the side pieces must be joined at the back of the seat.


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