Lifestyle Loadliner

The Lifestyle Range Liner is a liner to protect the load area of a luxury 4 X 4 vehicle. Firstly there is a panel protecting the back door or tailgate of the vehicle. The liner then goes all the way up to the windowsill on both sides and goes up the back of the back seat and clips into the headrests on the back seats with quick release clips. When the back seat is folded forward the quick release clips are released and the liner then extends to the headrests on the front seats, thus protecting the entire load area in both configurations. There is a removable anti skid mat on the floor area on the floor panel of the vehicle. We add a zip into the liner allowing the use of the 60/40 split on the back seat, should you be carrying passengers and loading an object, which is to long for the load area. Furthermore we include two bags on the side paneling of the liner, which is removable, these bags are also manufactured from a high quality waterproof material allowing any wetsuits and or towel to be placed in them. We have been informed that these come in very handy when shopping due to the bags being removable and small bits and pieces don’t have to roll around in the back of your vehicle. Finally all the vents for the aircon and speakers are opened with a mesh in order not to loose any functionality of these accessories.

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