Takla Signature Seatcovers

Signature Collection

This range is for the discerning buyer that understands the value of quality and fit. The Signature Collection provides a personal touch to the interior of your vehicle, making your driving experience feel as though you are actually still in the comfort of your own living room. These exclusive, one-of-a-kind designs go the extra mile to make you feel at ease on the road, harnessing the best that design, luxury comfort, superior fit and modern technology have to offer. Our research and development team have been hard at work and are proud to bring you the latest in both contemporary designs and style.


This classic design is sleek, crisp, and personalised by the clever introduction of a laminated 8PTF foam which allows for a superior fit of the seatcover. The fit is in fact so tailored to the seat that it is often assumed to be the actual seat.. Naturally, the fabrics provide complete protection from everyday wear and tear.

Laminated Foam Padding
Tailored to the seat, our covers are often assumed to be the actual seat!

Diamond Top Stitching

The Diamond Top Stitch is guaranteed to melt even the hardest of hearts, adding a completely new dimension to these state of the art seat covers. This design is the perfect draw card and will complement the most elegant vehicle interior.

Colourful & Comfortable

Available in colour combinations of black, beige and classic greys, our fresh new superior range maintains all the benefits of our original Cantech Fabric design, and is now available for any type of vehicle. This addition to our family is built to fit, and is generously enhanced with an extra 5mm layer of laminated foam, making the Cantech Fabric more comfortable than ever before.

This design is the perfect draw card.

Fountain Top Stitching

Supportive, stylish and seductive, the Fountain top stitch is designed to accentuate your vehicle’s luxurious interior, enhancing and accentuating the original flow lines of the standard seats and trim.

Luxury Designs

We’ve also upped the ante by introducing a selection of customised luxury-finish designs, so that the only thing you have to keep an eye on is the road. We want the interior of your vehicle to make you feel like you’re swooned in the luxury of your own taste.

Fountain top stitch is designed to accentuate your vehicle’s luxurious interior.



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