Our Takmats are custom made to fit each vehicle. They cover more than 92% of the floor area. A rubber mat covers the main area of the floor whilst the rest of the carpeting is covered in padded material. The material is sewn to the rubber creating a mould like effect which is secured to the floor via Velcro. Available in our Cantech & Durotech fabrics.
Dt Front Mats
Jimny Floormat Bled
Beige Floor Mat
Dt Rear Mats

Sound and Heat deadening mats

These are available for the Landcruiser 70 series and Defenders. A special insulating layer is added into the Takmat to reduce the sound and heat these vehicle’s engines tend to give off.
Lc 79 Sd Mats
Sound And Heat Mats
Grey Sound And Heat
Grey Sd Mats

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